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Corporate Image Public opinion surveys
Identity is the sum of tangible and intangible attributes, such as: principles, beliefs, values, etc. – the very same ones that make a person unique. The corporate identity of an organization represents all of this, and it can be subject to analysis and further improvement, adjusted to the target public’s perception. These studies show the perception of a public with respect to subjects such as corporate image and product expectations, as well as opinions and attitudes of the public concerning political, economic and social issues. Proactiva uses several technical, quantitative and qualitative tools, validated at a national level.
Impact measurement
Organizations, specially non governmental organizations, have the great challenge to measure the impact of their actions on an ample number of stakeholders. This service is oriented towards the design of impact measurement models, that permit the identification of the level of effectiveness reached in their strategies. These measurement systems, utilize qualitative and quantitative techniques adjusted to the reality of the organization.