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Managerial Effectiveness Ethics
The need for a manager to produce results in a sustainable way requires the development of personal habits and attitudes that traduce in personal and managerial effectiveness. Proactiva puts to disposition of the executives a set of tools necessary to increase the effectiveness of the organizacionales practices.  The habits of the management practice inside organizations must be harmonic with the ethical principles that guide the personal behavior. Our intervention introduces a philosophical reflection on the "ethics of the businesses" and the vital projection of the principles and values in which quality is sustained.
Team Work Negotiation
All companies that have gotten to become world-wide quality organizations have understood the importance of team work. Team working supposes the value and appreciation of differences so they can be turn into resources and synergistic relationships. The development of these capacities allows the acquirement  of greater individual responsibility, greater creativity and continuous improvement.  To understand negotiation as a dance and not as a fight requires the development of personal skills that involve new attitudes, skills and techniques to improve this daily practice in the life of organizations.