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Identification of Commercial Opportunities Market Studies
In our current globalized world, it is necessary that Bolivia begin impelling its International Business Trade to occupy a space in the international economy. Regarding this orientation, PROACTIVA is very proud to offer studies for the identification of promissory services in the national market and of foreign products with national market perspectives. Furthermore, these studies are offered to both national and international companies. The tasks just mentioned are properly complemented with our experience in market research, which allows appreciating the meaning of the demands for goods and specific services both quantitatively and qualitatively.
Exports in a Practical Fashion
Most companies in Bolivia have a lot to learn and develop in the area of International Commercial Trade. For this reason PROACTIVA has impelled a technical assistance program to accompany, step by step, the potential exporters in their first international sales. In this manner, export skills can be developed and models for future routine transactions can be settled down.