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Executive Recruitment Executive training system
Understood as an integral service, our executive recruitment starts with the identification of the candidate’s profile as well as an understanding of the organizational challenges, taking into consideration the web of relationships that constitute the position. Once the preparation stage is concluded,a coherent selection process starts in which we look for the best candidates to take over the position’s challenges, ensuring a smooth entrance to the organization, once the selection process is complete.   Any organization’s performance depends broadly on its people’s capacities. Acknowledging this, the systems developed by proActiva are based on a ‘learning to learn’ philosophy, leaving installed a capacity for continuous improvement and personal development.
Performance evaluation Career development
Performance evaluation must be understood as an opportunity for improvement.  In this sense, Proactiva develops performance evaluation systems integrating the demands and perspectives of the employer with the commitments realized by the employee concerning the quality of his or her work. Proactiva has experience working with organizations concerned with it’s employees professional development, in the form of systems that allow the employee to identify areas for professional growth within the organization.
Retribution system Organizational strategic
Our approach in the development of retribution systems includes two dimensions: remuneration, that implies monetary incentives; and recognition, that involves actions that the organization can make as complementary ways to motivate its personnel.  Proactiva understands the vision, mission and guiding principles as the foundation of the organizacional strategic framework. The shared definition of these concepts is the base of the strategy that will support the definition of objectives.  These, in turn, will become the bases for the design of a concrete strategy.