Established in 1995 to help other organizations to improve their management capabilities.
Established by people that have a social commitment and purpose of service.
Established in a country of great cultural and spiritual heritage
Established by an experienced and qualified team of professionals
Established as a rebelion against establishment
Established to show that it is possible to improve if it is changed attitude, if people assume an proactive and not passive attitude toward their life and their reality. We want to be "two steps ahead" of the events for to be masters of our destiny and not victims of it.
We believe in trust. We trust in our clients, we trust ourselves, we believe in possibilities more than in limitations and we believe firmly that we can improve the world in which we live.
We like to share our knowledge, in this way we believe that we give our contribution to the development of the organizations and of the people that work with us.
We like to work fast and with responsibility. In this dynamic world, to be efficient and effective make us feel very well.
Finally, we want to know more and to think about solving new management problems. We want to put our the effort all our experience and imagination in it.
Our clients success is our success !